Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A Criminal's Life

  The Lortabs were just not getting it. I was having more and more problems with the Demon. He was keeping me up and terrorizing my mind. His world had become the night. I had to do something, fast. I went to jail for writing scripts once but if I am careful I could get away with it for a while. It was worth it to me. The Demon had become a formidable foe. I found a doctor that would write me Lortab-10, one hundred and twenty each month, but my tolerance was so high it was like taking aspirins. Time for the script writer. I went to a doctor in Anniston and found a pad lying around and scooped it up. A family practitioner will have the numbers already printed on the pad as an ER doctor will have to write the number in himself. Here we go, again.
  Everything was going great for a while. I was able to get a couple more pads so I had several to choose from. I would usually write for Mepergan Fortis, no more than 40, and would not stop until we got 3 scripts filled a day. That's between 90 to 120 pills a day. If you do not know what meps are they contain Meperidine( Demerol ) and Phenergan . They were very easy to shoot IV. That's what me and my buddy would do. I would pass out and have the best sleep and no memory of the Demon. That is why I loved them so much. The down side to doing those thing was that you would start dreaming while wide awake and talk to people that was not even there. It was like a light switch being turned off. One minute you are okay and the next thing you know you are dealing a hand of cards and telling the next player to hurry up. Then you were back at the table with the empty capsules everywhere. You had to have someone to baby sit you so you would not leave the house. Do you understand what I must have been going through dealing with the Demon by using drugs with such hellish side effects. Anyway, I got busted, again, for the same thing. This time, because I had went through a drug treatment center, they only gave me 8 years. I had to go to  the real prison. Let me tell you, it is nothing like the county jail. You would not believe what I have seen in the Alabama prison system. I'll tell you about it, later.   theblogmeister

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