Friday, March 4, 2011


  I just read my post about Zappa and I want to explain what happened. I do not want to lose my valued readers, so, I feel I owe you an explanation. I am about to turn 52 years old and my brother was telling me that I needed to get a preventive colonoscopy. Well, I had it done, yesterday, and that is the reason for my crazy post. The doctor must have shoved the black snake so far up my ass that he bumped into my brain. By bumping into the brain it caused my neurotransmitters to get all jumbled up. I'm pretty sure that is what happened. I cannot say for 100% certainty because the nurse gave me some stuff in my I.V. line that was the color and consistency of milk. Is dairy products used as an anesthesia, is the medical profession going green? What ever it was, when she put that stuff in my I.V. I raised my head up from my pillow to tell the nurse that shit burned like hell. Before I could even finish thinking about what I was about to tell her, my head dropped like a stone. Not a little bitty stone. I'm talking about one of those stones those aliens used to build the pyramids in Giza. Now you understand why I said that I could not be certain what, exactly, he shoved up my ass. The only thing I saw, I checked the place out while the nurse went to get some KY, and the only thing I saw in that room, other than an extension cord, which, by the way, is not near stiff enough to make it all the way to my brain, Was a black snake-looking thing about 4 ft. long with stripes on it. I am pretty sure that snake was long enough to reach my brain. The doctor could have brought something in the exam room when he came in. I just don't know. I was at Neverland ranch and the place was blasting Michael Jackson music for some reason. I did not remember even seeing a doctor. Hell, the janitor could have used his mop, for all I know. The one thing that I do know, now this is a little gross and I apologize for not having that crooked M so you won't let young'uns read this, my asshole was barking like a blue tic hound dog for the rest of the day. I appreciate you letting me apologize for the uncharacteristic writings you saw, yesterday, and I will try and do better.  Thanks    theblogmeister

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