Thursday, March 3, 2011

Melancholy Mind

  I have been having a hard time getting Cornbread off my mind these last few days. When he was in the Air Force and I was a senior in high school I would spend some time with him at his base in Sumter, S.C. On one of our excursions we left Bama headed to Hotlanta to see Frank Zappa live at the fabulous Fox theatre. The Fox is an awesome place to see a live show. It has great acoustics, the reason so many artist recorded live albums there. Yea, I said album. Vinyl. It was a few years ago.
 We had reserved seating in the balcony on the first row. The first row of the balcony almost put you just above the stage. We had a considerable amount of cocaine. C'mon, we were young! Zappa and the Mothers of invention put on one hell of a show. Coming from the sticks in Alabama you would never know that we owned an 8-track tape of Zappa.                                                                                                                 I dreamed I was an Eskimo, The northern winds began to blow. Under my boots and around my toes. The frost had hit the ground below. It was a hundred degrees below zero. My momma cried, Nanook, no no. Don't be a naughty Eskimo. Save your money don't go to the show.Well, I turned around and said, "Oh No." And the northern lights began to glow. She said, "Don't go baby," with a tear in her eye. Watch out where the huskies go and don't you eat that yellow snow. Well, right about that time people, a trader who was strictly from commercial. Had the unmitigated audacity to jump up from behind that igloo and said Peek-a-boo. He started in to whipping on my favorite baby seal, Whop! with a lead-filled snow shoe. He went right up side the head of my favorite baby seal, he went Whop, and he hit him on the nose and on the fin. That got me just about as evil as an Eskimo boy can be so I bent down and I reached down and I scooped up a generous mitten full of the deadly yellow snow crystals and I rubbed it all into his beady little eyes with a bigger circular motion hither unknown to the people in this area but destined to take the place of mythology. Here it goes, now, the circular motion. Rub it! Well he stood up and looked around and you know what he said? "I can't see. I can't see. Oh, woe is me. I can't see."  We go trudging across the tundra, mile after mile until we enter the tiny little Parrish of St. Alfonzo. Yes, indeed here we are. At St. Alfonzo's tiny breakfast. Where I stole the margarine. I saw a handsome Parrish lady, make her entrance like a queen. She was totally senile and her name it was Maurine.    I have to stop, there. I got off on a song by Zappa from the album, Apostrophe. Now I forgot what I was writing about. Oh yea, my brother. Cornbread died March 3, 1989 and my life has not been the same, since. I think about him everyday. Those lyrics were dedicated to you, my brother. Lord knows we laughed a lot at those Zappa 8-tracks. I can't believe that I remembered the lyrics to that song. As you may have noticed that Frank Zappa is a little weird. He named his daughter Moonunit. I think his son's name is Dweisel. The dude claimed he never did any drugs. Yea, right, and we never landed on the moon, it was a stage prop from somewhere in California. Hope you made sense out of what I wrote. If you did, you are smarter than me. I just wanted you all to know what a great guy my brother was. I wish you all the same relationship with your sibling. Alive, of course. I have enjoyed visiting that portion of my brain that catalogues musical lyrics. That has to be the largest part of my brain, of what few brain cells I have left. If this crazy train took your mind off something that is bothering you then that is why I wrote it.  Thanks,   theblogmeister

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