Thursday, March 3, 2011

Free Speech?

  Yesterday was a sad day for the families of our brave soldiers that lost their life in combat. The U.S. Supreme Court ruled 8 to 1 that gives the right for a bunch of inbred deviates that belong to a church in Kansas the green light to stand outside of a fallen soldiers funeral and harass the families during the funeral. You know who I am talking about. Justice Alito wrote the lone dissent and I want him to know that his interpretation of the constitution dealing with free speech is great. He was the only one that had the balls to interpret the inherent right drafted by our forefathers in the proper manner. I do believe that all Americans have the right to protest and have the right of free speech. Those that drafted our constitution must be rolling in their graves. These assholes, I am being kind, travel across the nation just to show the public what evil people, that pretend to be Christians, do at veteran's burial services. I am surprised that they can even find their way out of Kansas. I have a son that is in the military and if he were killed in action and these ingrates showed up at his funeral I promise you that it would be the last time they protest anything. I do not think a jury would convict me for temporary insanity. They sing that God hates America but the fact is they would not live anywhere else. That is what pisses me off. If you, and I am talking to that greaser tree jumping pastor, do not like America then get the hell OUT! What gives you and your idiotic congregation the right to invade the privacy of a grieving family by holding up ridiculous signs and shouting out moronic slogans? To expose your children, and I would not be surprised if you were the father of them all, to disrespectful attitudes of your warped religious beliefs. You, the right reverend Fred Phelps, and all of your lunatic followers will burn in hell. I would like to see you go through a little bit of hell, yourself, that is why I am posting your cell phone number so all of my readers can tell you what kind of dog shit you are. Mr. Phelps cell number is (785) 237-0325. Let us all show Mr. Phelps the disrespect he deserves.      theblogmeister

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