Thursday, October 21, 2010

A Changed Me

  The memorial for the colonel had come and gone. So had the reading of the will. Also, my week to think about whether or not I wanted a transfer. I still wanted that transfer. I met with Major Cornelius and he agreed to give me the transfer. I moved from an exciting orthopaedic surgery unit to a minimal care unit. My patients were waiting to be discharged and had very minimal care involved. Thus, the name. I was the only tech on the unit and had to give meds, chart, then get my charting initialed by an RN. I noticed that when a patient was discharged, the left over narcotics were charted; returned to pharmacy. I also noticed that the RN's that were signing off on my charts were not checking with the pharmacy whether all the meds were, in fact, returned to the pharmacy. So, I began keeping the meds that I was ' returming to the pharmacy.' It started with a few percodan. I realized that the one thing that would help me deal with what I had done to colonel DeBarge was the pain pills. I felt great when I took them. May cause drowsiness my ass. Those things motivated me. I loved them. I then met a patient that was a pharmacy tech in the hospital and he loved to smoke weed and I had some friends that smoked it. We made a deal. Every payday, on the first and the fifteenth, I would get him an ounce of some good bud and he would give me a 500 lot bottle of 10mg valium. Back then, they did not count valium like they do today. So, I figured out a way to deal with the pain of killing the colonel by getting stoned. With 500 blue valiums(roache) I was the most popular person in the bar. I sold them, traded them, ate a lot of them, lost them. Hell, I was so scatterbrained from eating so much valium I would walk into work and the guy or gal, would ask me what I was doing there. I work here! Not today. I would look at the schedule and say,"See, Monday." he or she would then tell me that today was not Monday. Those valiums sure make you forget, don't they? My favorite bar was the Cracker Box palace in Ft. Walton Bch. and The Hogs Breath Saloon, just before the bridge. Hey, this was fun. Colonel who? I was having the time of my life. The more drugs I did the farther away the Colonel went. I had it going on. So I thought.....  theblogmeister

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