Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Spiral Begins

  It was Sunday, my phone was off the hook. I did not want to talk to anyone. The colonel's memorial is out of the question. I was not planning on going to the attorney's office tomorrow, either. I hope Bunny understands why I can't be there. In a way, I hoped the colonel had told her of the plan for me to kill him. Let's just call it even. That's what I say. I spent the day reflecting on all that had happened. I often ask myself what it would be like if I never even met the DeBarges. Everyone of my fellow workers at the hospital has called to check on me. All except Col. Potter, that is. I hope she feels partly responsible if anything should happen to me. Partly hell! She could have averted the whole thing. All it would have taken would be one word to the colonel's question; no.
  I do not go back to work until Tuesday at 3pm. It is Monday morning and I have decided not to attend the reading of the will. Bunny does not know where I live or how to get in touch with me other than the hospital. I left strict instructions not to give out my number to anyone, including Bunny. Later that night I received a visit from Nancy. She was worried about me. I convinced her that I was just greiving about the loss of the colonel. She completely understood, she missed him, too. After a little small talk she left and said she would see me tomorrow at work. We said goodnight at the door.
  I had been up since 3am this Tuesday morning. I could not get the thought of what I had done out of my head. I had little sleep on my 4 days off and I decided to be at the hospital at 7am, when my squadron commander came to his office. I was waiting on him in his lobby when he walked up and asked me what I was doing there. When I first came to Eglin I met him on my first day at the hospital. He found out that I was from Glencoe, Al. and we hit it off, immediately. We were both Crimson Tide fans and he was from Gadsden, Al. Glencoe is a small town just outside of Gadsden. I had told him of what happened with the death of colonel DeBarge,(Not what REALLY happened)and that I wanted a transfer to another unit. Preferably a clinic job. It would have less interaction with patients. He asked me to think about it for one week, then if I still wanted a transfer, he would give me one. If he only knew the truth the only transfer I would get would be to Leavenworth, Ks.     theblogmeister

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