Saturday, October 23, 2010

A Doctor That Treats Himself Has A Fool For A Patient

As I settled in to my new job, if you could call it that, more like a baby sitter, I could not get the colonel out of my mind. What was I thinking? Well, I can't go back and change it. I wish that I could. I would have done things differently. I could have demanded my removal as his caregiver. I could have said no. I have a lot of time to think about what I had done. I still have not talked with Bunny. I have not visited her or tried to get in touch with her in any way. I found out from Henry that she had called the unit on several occasions trying to talk to me. I still wondered if she knew about what had happened. I still have told no one at all. Murder is murder, it does not matter the circumstances. If I had told anyone I am sure I would be facing criminal charges. Silence was my plan. The only other person that knew, as far as I knew, was dead. I planned on keeping it that way.   The drug use was becoming my way to deal with the memories, the pain, and the shame. I was still getting those 500 Valiums every two weeks. I would trade them for Quaalude, placidyls, Seconal, nembutals. I was becoming a walking pharmacy. I was working late one night and I walked down to the lab and talked my buddy into going up to the OR and stealing some drugs. He was game. We checked to make sure there was not any doctors in the hospital and we made our way up to the OR. We went in the same way I went in the last time and quietly we got all the liquid Valium out of the crash carts. We made our way towards the anesthesiologists office and raided the narcotics cabinet and walked out with a huge amount of controlled drugs. Three bottles of liquid cocaine, a case of injectable morphine and Demerol, and more vials of liquid Valium. We also got some vials of a drug we knew little about called ketamine. It turned out to be the largest theft in that hospitals history. There was no sign of forced entry so the investigators was sure it was an inside job. I would be sitting with some of my buddies that worked in the OR and they were bitching about the questions, drug tests and the attention they were getting from the investigators and they would be saying how much they hoped whoever did it would get caught. I did not care. I did not care about anything. That would come to be my undoing. It would not be long and what I would be going through would be hell on earth.      theblogmeister

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