Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A Request For Help

  I am going to continue to write about my history of PTSD and what it has done to me and is continually doing to me. You cannot imagine how hard it is reliving the past. I have gone against my doctors advice. What I am  asking of you is to help me provide for my family. I am not asking for hand-outs or donations. All I am asking is that you get all your friends together and order your Christmas through  my blog using You can click on the ad just above my blog and it will take you to the complete astore. You can find everything and by using my blog to purchase your items it would help me while I go through the long process of veteran service-connected disability.. Please. I need your help. I hope you will continue the journey with me of my life as a PTSD patient. You can help my wife and I stay in our home and make it through these difficult times. Thanks,  theblogmeister

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